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custom homes, construction company, remodels, additions, commercial, residential, gainesville florida, high springs florida, alachua county, columbia county, gilchrist county, union county custom homes, construction company, remodels, additions, commercial, residential, gainesville florida, high springs florida, alachua county, columbia county, gilchrist county, union county custom homes, construction company, remodels, additions, commercial, residential, gainesville florida, high springs florida, alachua county, columbia county, gilchrist county, union county

Customer Reviews

We would like to thank our home owners for all their heart felt compliments over the years. Here are a few comments from our customers, if you would like reference information please contact us.

"We cannot recommend Scott and Kim Rosenboom highly enough. We had a lot of involvement in the design and actual building of our house, which surely posed some unusual obstacles for Scott. In fact, some builders we spoke to clearly didn't want to take on a project with that much owner participation. Scott, however, was so easy to work with every step of the way - helping us with decisions and providing us with exactly the house we wanted, yet always advising us and helping us avoid costly mistakes. The quality of workmanship is outstanding, schedules and budgets were always adhered to and Scott or Kim were always available whenever we had questions. The entire process was not just painless but totally enjoyable!"

-George and Barbara Preston

We recently purchased a commercial unit at Thornebrook Village and selected Scott to do the remodeling. We were told that we should select a Gainesville contractor who was familiar with city rules and personnel. Scott proved very familiar with the city and we had no unexpected delays or problems. We were under a very tight schedule since we needed to open the business promptly. Scott delivered on schedule. Scott is easy to contact by phone or email. He is responsive to questions, adapts, advises, and goes beyond the call to help. His employees and subcontractors are of the highest quality – to a man they were hard working, skilled, willing to listen, and extremely loyal to Scott.

Choosing Scott was one of the best (luckiest) decisions we've made. I feel that we got value for our money. Our only real complaint is now having to listen to others tell their tales of woe about their problems with contractors. Thanks Scott.

-Malgorzata and Jim Deyrup

"We enjoyed working with Scott and Kim. This was our first custom built home and we absolutely love it! We highly recommend Rosenboom, Inc. to anyone who is thinking of building a custom home."

-Matthew & Shannon Braddy

"Our experience with Rosenboom Custom Homes was very enjoyable. We ended up with a quality home with all of the features that we desired. Scott was very helpful during the construction process, providing suggestions regarding design and layout of the floor plan. We are especially pleased with our custom cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom. Both Scott and Kim were very responsive to our questions and flexible with our request for changes to the original floor plan. We highly recommend that anyone desiring to have a quality home constructed consider Rosenboom Custom Homes."

-Sam & Kim Townsend

"Working with Scott on our new home was an easy experience. We finished ahead of schedule and Scott was always available to answer any questions and kept us up to date on the progress."

-Mason & Bobbie Dunn

We are very pleased with our house built by Rosenboom Custom Homes and enthusiastically give Scott Rosenboom and John Thrailkill our highest recommendation. They were very helpful from the beginning and patiently answered the many questions we had throughout the homebuilding process - and we had lots of questions because we had never had a house built before. We were very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the products they used in building our new home. Scott and John worked with us to make sure they built the house we wanted within the budget that we could afford. They made the process of building a new home enjoyable for us. We are happy to give them our highest recommendation.

-Hazel Phillips

Our daughter introduced us to Scott and together we discussed what kind of a home we wanted to build on our property. At a moments notice, Scott took extra time to show us a model like the home we selected. He went out of his way to be sure we knew what we wanted and what would look good on our property.

Scott is an intense listener and clearly wants to build a home that will satisfy his client.  Being out of town clients, we were able to have contact with him anytime by cell phone and fax. He was available to us anytime we were able to be in town, either in his office or at our home site.

We are very pleased with the home that Scott and his team built for us. They paid attention to details and made any adjustments requested in a cooperative and timely manner.
Anytime we have an opportunity to say who built our home, we are happy and proud to say that Scott Rosenboom was our builder! We also consider Scott a friend!

-Peg & Sal Malone

The construction business is not necessarily an honest business at least from a homeowner perspective; the first contractor I had working on my house defaulted on me. Scott Rosemboom is different. He is bluntly honest, will go the extra mile and will make sure that you are satisfied. He won't try to sell you things he can't do if it is beyond your price range and will tell you what he can do to maximize your investment. Scott was a breath of fresh air, a little bit like a savior to us in view of all the horrors we went through trying to build a house. He delivered the house as promised and more. He is prompt to come back to the house if needed even after we moved in. If I had a recommendation to make to you:" Go with Scott or someone like him. The problem is that someone like him is difficult to find". If you need to speak to me to hear more about our "Scott" construction experience, ask Scott for my number and I would be glad to discuss further.

-Nicolas Kitsikis

My wife and I purchased a heavily wooded 5 acre lot in Cinnamon Hills Estates, High Springs, on which to build a large custom log home. How lucky we were to have someone highly recommend Rosenboom Custom Homes, Inc. to us.

If you have ever watched the TV show Monk you will understand my personality. Get the picture…As a compulsive perfectionist I'm very difficult to deal with so, as you can imagine, I haven't written many letters of recommendation. But, I have absolutely no problem recommending Scott.  Scott not only met the challenge of building our unique home but he did it flawlessly, honestly and came in under budget. That's because Scott is one of those rare businessmen whose heart goes into his work and it shows. He cares. Therefore because of my extremely positive continuing experience with Scott, I feel compelled to offer my recommendation of Scott and his group of associates to you.

You cannot trust every builder. That is why anyone who wants his and/or her dream home built by someone they can trust would make a serious mistake not to hire such a capable and dedicated individual.  If you have any specific questions regarding Scott's abilities, company or associates I would be happy to answer them.

-Gene & Arlene Levine

You often hear horror stories about problems experienced with a contractor during the homebuilding process. That's why we took our time and evaluated the numerous builders in our area before making our selection of whom we wanted to work with to build our dream home. Scott Rosenboom dispelled all those old myths and made the building experience very pleasant. Scott's attitude is based on the premise that the best reference he can receive for his business is a happy and satisfied client and that is why he works hard everyday to deliver a quality product to his customers.

We also enjoyed the fact that Scott listens to his clients and, at the same time, offers good suggestions and advice during the building process. A quality builder begins with a quality person and Scott Rosenboom possesses both of these attributes. We gladly recommend him highly to anyone considering the hiring of a building contractor for your new custom built home!!

-Jim & Gail Emerson

If somebody is looking for a builder who:

1. Is trustworthy and honest
2. Works diligently and looks out for the homeowner's best interest when working with subcontractors
3. Works very hard to please the homeowner
4. Goes the extra mile to make sure the homeowner is pleased with the house at the end
5. Communicates with the homeowner on a frequent basis

Then we would highly recommend Scott. We heard many nightmare stories about the house building process but now that we've been through that process with Scott we only have great things to say. A key factor in a homeowner's house building experience is the builder they select. Not only did Scott take the pain out of the process but he built a quality home for us. Not only is he a great builder but he's also a great person, which is very important to us!

-Cindy & Glenn Faulk

When we found the plans for the (almost) perfect house, we had Rosenboom, Inc. customize and build it. We did not know Scott but we had noticed that pretty much every time we saw a house under construction that we really liked in this area; it had a "Rosenboom" sign out front.

We found Scott to be friendly and professional. From day one he was, and still is, accessible and reliable. He listened to whatever concerns we had, was accommodating and kept us on budget. Deliveries and sub contractors came and went smoothly and on time like a dance. The house was finished ahead of schedule.

Also, we must mention all the nice things folks we did not know had to say about Scott. For months, everybody from the Alltel guy to FedEx delivery admired the house and then Scott, when they asked who was building it. Their first comment was almost always regarding Scott's honesty. Everybody seems to know him and everybody has nice things to say about him. This is our forever house and just this once, we got lucky!

-Sandy and Gerry -- High Springs

Scott Rosenboom did a wonderful job! He took us through from the drafting of plans to turning the key in the lock. Throughout it all, he was a pleasure to work with and professional in all aspects. He worked with us to design and build a home that met both our needs and the budget we wanted to stay in. He also worked around our schedules knowing that we work long hours. It was not uncommon for him to come out on a Saturday or Sunday to accommodate our schedules. His attention to detail and pride in his work placed him well above most general contractors. We would recommend Rosenboom Construction to our family and friends and we would not consider any other contractor ourselves for any future construction needs. Thank you Scott for all your hard work!

-Mary Ellen Valletta, MD

If you are looking to build a custom home in this area, Scott Rosenboom is the absolute best builder to choose. Building a home can be very stressful, but Scott made the process seem easy and made sure we were comfortable with all the decisions. Scott was always available for any questions and quickly resolved any issues that came up. Scott can be trusted as he always displayed the highest level of business ethics and honesty in every transaction. It was a genuine pleasure to work with Scott because he was very approachable and just set us at ease throughout the building process. We are extremely pleased with the job Scott did building a very high quality custom home for us.

-Eric and Tami Feibelman

Scott Rosenboom of Rosenboom Construction is an attention to detail contractor. My husband and I built a custom home on our property. Scott made the entire process enjoyable. He helped us take our ideas and dreams and turn them into reality. He was always available by way of phone or e-mail. We had a very tight budget; Scott helped us to stay within that budget with innovative solutions. I can honestly say that I never felt the stress that I hear other people talk about when building a home. Scott, thank you for a beautiful home.

-Clint and Linda Bryan

We really appreciate everything that you put into building our home. You and your subs made the whole process enjoyable and easier than I ever thought possible. We love the house! If we can ever help you with future home owners please let us know. Thanks Heath and Susane Graham.

-Heath and Susan Graham

We are extremely pleased with the experience during construction of our house as well as the finished product. Our house was not an easy one to build and we were under some time pressure. Scott completed the house in less than seven months from pulling the permit to moving in. Having previously built houses as owner-builders, we were very particular about our choice of Rosenboom, Inc. and we were not disappointed. We would make the same choice again.

-Geoff & Patty Hart

Scott Rosenboom built our home last year in 2009. Just to tell you a great story here goes. My friends Suzan and Quinn Holton live close to my family and they were having a gorgeous home built by Scott and I was so jealous for I felt I could not afford to have Scott build my home. I watched the home grow to a beautiful magnificence house. After the home was done the Holton's had a house warming party and I was so impressed with how the home was built. Also, the Holton's stated many times that Scott was absolutely the best builder in this area.

A few weeks went by and we made contact with Scott and he began to help us build our home. Also, we were able to afford Scott . What is so amazing about Scott is that we had many house plans and once Scott came out to our property he suggested building a home that fits our family and the location of the land. I was so impressed with how much desire and passion he had for building a home to fit our family. Once, we agreed on all the building details, I then began to see my magnificent house being built. Everyone that Scott contracts to build his homes are positively the best. When the employees came out they were professional, pleasant, and most of all hard working. The work ethic and discipline that Scotts staff have is very impressive. It is hard to find all the right words to describe just how wonderful Scott is. Scott has built our family a beautiful, gorgeous home and I am so grateful for this. I will always recommend Scott to families who are looking for a great builder.

-Teresa & Ray Brewington

Hi Scott:

I just wanted to send this letter to you - to thank you for the "excellent job" that you did on our new house on Vause Lake in Hawthorne, Fl. When I was looking for a local contractor to build our retirement dream house, many of my friends said I would have to be making many trips up to Vause Lake to make sure everything was being built correctly and to our specifications. However, as you know, that was not the case for us. Once we met and explained what we expected our dream house to be - you instilled in me a confidence in your abilities to make that happen -just as we expected.

During the project we found you to be very open to our changes as we moved forward while "ALWAYS" looking out for our benefit -a "rare" trait nowadays. As you know we opted for many different changes from the original design - and you always patiently listened to our ideas and made the changes if they were able to be implemented. Your "personalized" attention to our needs always impressed me from the beginning to the end of our project.

As far as workmanship - I cannot say enough about the quality of your work. I have heard many "horror" stories from friends about people who had houses built - only to experience "shotty and sub-standard" work and then having to go back and fight with the contractor to get things corrected. Our finished house had none of these types of problems - the workmanship (from foundation to painting) was absolutely "first class".  I remain very impressed with the quality of our house - and I look ahead to many years of enjoyable and comfortable living. If I can be of any assistance in serving as a reference to future clients of yours - please do not hesitate to have them contact me.

Once again - thanks for your help in making our dream house a reality.

Best Regards,
Tom Sims

Our experience with the Rosenboom team in the construction of our dream home has been fabulous.

Scott's guidance on every level was thoughtful and responsive to our needs and sometimes eccentric wants. Costs were very clearly spelled out in the contract, and there were no hidden surprises. Changes and additions to the original plans were easily and cheerfully worked out as we developed new ideas for a fairly complex two-story house. No drama, and a solution for any problem.

Since our new home was only 50 feet from the old one, we were intimately acquainted with the whole process and the people on a daily basis.. All of Scott's subcontractors are friendly, professional, and as dedicated to producing a quality product as one could wish for. We planned from the beginning to do some interior projects ourselves, so really did work side by side with great folks for months. We moved in almost a month ahead of projected finish schedule.

Photos of the construction of our home can be found at  and if you would like to talk to us about the experience, ask Scott for our phone number.

-Christopher & Patti Neale

We both wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the great job you did building our house. It turned out beautifully and is everything we pictured from the first rough sketch. Your artistic vision and skilled craftsmanship added the details that make our home very special. We appreciate all of the hard work put forth by you and your team. We would highly recommend Rosenboom Construction to anyone who is looking to build a custom home. Thank you very much.

-Katy and Steve Plein

Scott, you answered every call, with such patience. We don't know if we have taken advantage, but we love you for it. We have loved living in this home you built for us. Thank you for being you.

-Sal and Pete Malone

As we began the process of building our forever home, there was only one choice. We have known Scott Rosenboom for many years as a friend and respected member of our community. Rosenboom construction has exceeded our expectations every step of the way, and we have been overwhelmingly impressed in all aspects of the project of our custom home. It has been an absolute pleasure working with such devoted, conscientious, professionals with expertise in their specific fields. Scott sets the tone for excellence and this level of dedication carries throughout the project. This is our home. We plan on living here for the duration, and we so appreciate his commitment to perfection. We would not hesitate to recommend Rosenboom construction to our family and friends.

-Robin Odom